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  • Why should I think about outsourcing our IT in the first place?
    Finding, keeping, and managing the right IT resources are expensive and time-consuming. Keeping staff up to date with the latest developments contains time away from core processes, and requires more costly training. By outsourcing your IT support, you are guaranteed access to experienced, skilled, and professional technicians with a wealth of knowledge to manage your IT and keep systems up to date and reliable.
  • Why should I choose Reliable Infotech Solutions?
    Our ability to understand and meet the requirements of our clients makes us one of the favored IT services providers for many businesses.
    Here are the top reasons why you should consider Reliable Infotech Solutions:
    • Team stability
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Trust and privacy
    • Maintaining control
    • Protection of data
    • Quick response times (to any type of fault)
    • Excellent communication
  • Can you create a customized solution precisely for my business, or is it ‘one size fits all?
    We’ve priced a vast array of client needs, across varied industries. We will only recommend or implement the level of support that is best for your business.
    No matter how unique your business is, we’ll cater to individual components to meet your requirements. We’ll provide you with the detailed costings for each part of our service.
    We believe that creating clear and itemized proposals — is one step towards building strong, long-lasting, client relationships.
  • How flexible are your agreements? (In case I decide to cancel)
    Cancellations should not be a cause for concern.
    Our service agreements require a break clause with immediate effect during the first month, and one month’s notice thereafter. This enables you to end the service at your will.
    Obviously, we hope that you’ll be satisfied with the high standards we set, and decide to continue working with us.
  • Can I try your service before committing?
    The migration process is time-intensive at our end — so we don’t provide trials.
    However, we’re currently offering a generous introductory promotion for new clients, giving one month’s free service when you sign up for 12 months. And if that’s too much of a commitment, then short-term contracts are an alternative option.
    Either way, we’re here to discuss your requirements. To learn more about our current offers and pricing structures, please contact us.
  • Is it difficult to migrate to Reliable Infotech Solutions?
    It couldn’t be simpler. Our migration process is hassle-free and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. To achieve this we:
    • Perform fast and seamless IT changeovers.
    • Communicate directly with your outgoing provider, so you don’t have to act as an intermediary.
    • Take on full responsibility for the transition without disturbing your day-to-day tasks.
    • Work out of hours to ensure there is zero — or minimal — downtime to your business.
    • Educate your staff on the new systems and respond to any questions they may have.
    • Monitor your progress after completion of the changeover in order to adjust your setup to perfection.
  • Will I maintain full control over my business by using your service?
    Yes, absolutely. Rest assured that with Reliable Infotech you won’t surrender any control. On the contrary, you’ll gain additional flexibility by relieving time-consuming responsibilities to us.
  • How quickly do you respond to requests for assistance?
    We are here to provide remote IT support at any time of the day.
    We’ll do everything it takes to reduce system downtime and, most crucially, maintain the continuity of your services.
  • Will you ensure my work is backed up?
    Yes — that goes without saying.
    We regularly backup your data to a separate location. In the worst-case scenario, this backup might be required to restore your system if your data is deleted or modified accidentally, or without authorization.
    Our purpose is to anticipate potential faults, and act before they become a source of conflict or crisis. Regular maintenance and backup, system updates, and security features carried out by us all help to eliminate data loss.
  • What is the procedure for initiating a project?
    To enquire about working with Reliable Infotech Solutions, the first step is to get in touch with as much information as possible about your requirements. You can do this using our quotation form, or contacting us on 1300 326 184. If you are unsure of your requirements, our expert staff can talk you through what we offer and help you to decide which solutions will best suit your business requirements.